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New to Electrical Workers Credit Union! We are now offering CD's.

Let's Grow your Deposits!

Our Certificates of  Deposits offer flexible option that allow you to pick the deposit amount and term timeline.

* APY = Annual Percentage Yield. $10,000 minimum to open a Certificate of Deposit. Penalty for early withdrawal

applies, all rates subject to change at any time without notice. All Dividens payed monthly, automatically credited to CD amount.


Call us with any questions : 1 (313) 963-6060


Certificate of Deposit

6 MONTHS 3.75% apy = annual percentage yield $10,000.00
12 MONTHS 3.50% apy = annual percentage yield $10,000.00
18 MONTHS 3.25% apy = annual percentage yield $10,000.00
24 MONTHS 3.00% apy = annual percentage yield $10,000.00
36 MONTHS 2.75% apy = annual percentage yield $10,000.00
13 MONTH *SPECIAL* 4.25% apy = annual percentage yield $10,000.00

Calculate Your Certificate of Deposit (CD) Value

Use this Certificate of Deposit Calculator to help determine the potential interest growth and tax liability on your Certificate of Deposit.

CD Information


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